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RSD Balanced Ellipse shale shaker

RSD Balanced Ellipse shale shaker
The Restar variable motion drilling fluids shale shaker can realize two kinds of motion motion by changing the current, so as to meet the work requirements under the complex drilling situation.

The Restar variable motion drilling fluids shale shaker can realize two kinds of motion motion by changing the current, so as to meet the work requirements under the complex drilling situation. It is the necessary equipment for the construction of ultra-deep Wells, horizontal Wells and complex Wells.


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1、Serving as the first stage separation equipment of oil&gas drilling or HDD.

2、Used for mining industry,Coal Bed solids-fluids separation and classification.

3、Used for chemical engineering and food manage project.

4、Used for other solids-fluids separation and environmental engineering projects.

Technical parameter

Technical parameter

Technical features

1、By using dual balance elliptical and single balance elliptical technique, the motion can be changed under different conditions to achieve the optimal treatment effect

variable balanced elliptical motion

Dual motion technology  Variable motion technology    

2、The screen adopts Plastic-steel frame and using fast tension technology , the screen is easy to replace with a long service life;

  Technical features

3、Advanced screening box optimization technology enables this product to achieve high processing performance;


4、By using shaker box protection technology and other patent technologies,RSD shaker make its operation more faster and save labour.

Technical features

5、Three kinds of deck angle adjustment are available:mechanical,Manual hydraulic and electric;

   Technical features

6、Fully sealed screen box structure, ensure no sand leakage in the work and convenient replacement, long service life.

  Technical features

7、The Restar variable motion shale shaker of high G force, large processing capacity and high screen mesh guarantee the drilling speed. The installation mesh of more than 200 mesh effectively improves the drilling speed, reduces the drilling cycle, and saves the construction cost for customers.

Technical features

8、Separable combination technology, double shaker, three shaker can be divided into single screen for long distance transportation, and easy for equipment maintenance

Technical features


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