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Water-base drilling waste management Plant

Water-base drilling waste management Plant
1、Flexible application of design while drilling and station construction;
2、After treatment, the solid phase and liquid phase indexes fully meet the national environmental protection requirements;
3、High processing efficiency and low operating cost;
4、The treated wastewater can reach the general wastewater discharge standard.

Technology comprehensive commentary:

1,Waste drilling fluids can be recycled which is fully meet the standard of environment protection,minimize waste discharge.

2,Water based cuttings is solidified directly , no waste water is generated.

3,The unrecoverable material will be processed by solid-liquid separation, liquid phase will be treated deeply to achieve full compliance and zero emission.

For environmentally sensitive areas where oil and gas exploration and development dependent governments put forward mandatory environmental protection requirements on drilling waste disposal, RSD developed a water-based drilling fluid waste disposal technology without landing while drilling, which was applied in 30 Wells on site.

Technical core point:

  •  Abandoned drilling fluid recycling
  • Cuttings stability while drilling consolidation treatment
  • Completion liquid waste disposal
  • Recycling and waste drilling fluid is not fall to the ground Complete unit processing equipment for recycling drilling fluids and handling Non-landing waste

Technology introduction:

Research and development of drilling fluid purification and recovery, drilling cuttings consolidation and stabilization treatment and waste water coagulation-advanced catalytic oxidation discharge treatment process, integrated drilling fluid recovery and waste disposal device, control drilling waste generation from the source, and realize the whole well segment drilling cuttings and waste fluid treatment while drilling.

Technology introduction


Technical features

1,Reduce the total capacity of drilling waste by 30% ~ 50%.

The two-stage solid control system of shale shaker and centrifuge is optimized to purify and recover running slurry and carrying slurry by physical method.Recovery of 100 ~ 200m³ per well.

Set up a centralized recycling station to recover the completion slurry, and recover 80 ~ 160m³ in a single well for plugging or grouting in one opening, etc. No waste water is generated during drilling.

Drilling fluid recovery system

2,Strong process adaptability, meet the drilling cuttings standard treatment, solid waste does not increase.

A special multi-functional drill cuttings treatment agent for glue breaking, coagulation and solidification was developed.

The cuttings of different layers can be treated according to the standard and stacked safely.

Solid waste GB18599-2001 Ⅰ kind of solid waste technology requirements.treatment agent,

3,The device is skid-mounted and modular, which is easy to move and can be applied to working areas with different landform.

Including collection and storage, purification and recovery, drilling cuttings and waste liquid treatment of three systems;

Drilling fluid recovery capacity of 30m³/h, waste treatment capacity of 7.5m³/h, covering an area of 200m².

different landform

Technical indicator

After drilling cuttings and waste sludge treatment, solid waste leachate water quality reach the level 1 standard of sewage comprehensive discharge standard (GB8978-1996, including 50 or less chromaticity, COD acuities were 100 mg/L, pH 6-9), solid waste GB18599-2001 "the general technical specification for pollution control on industrial solid waste storage repositories, belongs to the class Ⅰ industrial solid waste, landfill, etc can be safe disposal.

After the waste mud is treated by the combined technology of coagulation, solid-liquid separation and advanced oxidation, the water quality of the waste water reaches the Grade 1 standard of "Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard" (GB8978-1996, among which the chroma ≤50, COD≤100mg/L, pH 6-9).

Field application

RSD Product serialization

Product serialization

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