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Recycling technology of shale gas fracturing flowback fluid

Recycling technology of shale gas fracturing flowback fluid
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In view of the environmental protection technical problems of shale gas large volume fracturing operation, such as the large amount of backflow fluid, the total amount of pollutants and the difficult removal of harmful components of recycled liquid, the technology of recycle and utilization of shale gas fracturing flowback fluid is studied and formed. The core points of technology are as follows:

  • Core materials for fracturing flowback fluid treatment
  • Treatment technology of fracturing flowback fluid recycling
  • Skid mounted treatment device for fracturing flowback fluid module

Process flow chart:

II. Process flow chart

Technical feature

Technical feature:

1、The special medicament has strong function and less dosageHJ-Ⅱ

  • Low dosage and fast reaction speed
  • Removal rate of suspended solids and calcium and magnesium ions>90%;

Strong adaptability and stable treatment effect

Adsorption resin YN-2

  • Strong affinity and large specific surface area
  • YN-2 Resin regeneration rate>98%
  • Boron ion removal rate>93%

2、The cost of fracturing fluid preparation is effectively reduced by reusing fracturing fluid

  • It is used to prepare hydraulic fracturing fluid for reducing resistance
  • The resistance reducing agent is reduced by 20%; The compound antiswelling agent is reduced by 50%; Compound synergist reduced by 30%

Used to prepare linear gum and guar gum fracturing fluid

  • Thickener reduced by 20%; 25% reduction in breaker

The resistance reducing water meets the requirements of technical conditions of resistance reducing water for shale gas fracturing (Q / sh0619-2014), and the linear gum and guar gum fracturing fluid meets the requirements of general technical conditions of fracturing fluid (SY / t6376-2008)

3、Integrated modular skid mounted treatment unit

  • Modular skid design of the device, easy to move, flexible combination according to the requirements of on-site liquid distribution
  • Including coagulation / solid-liquid separation, precision filtration, adsorption separation three systems
  • It covers an area of 60-90 m2, power load of 60-80kw, and treatment capacity>15m³/h
Field Application.

Field Application:

It has been applied in Sinopec and CNPC shale gas exploration and development blocks. More than 300000 cubic meters of fracturing flowback fluid have been treated, and the recycling rate is more than 95%. Fresh water resources have been saved, energy conservation and emission reduction have been realized, and green exploration and development of shale gas have been strongly promoted.

Field Application

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