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Tailings Dry Stacking Machine

Tailings Dry Stacking Machine
1. High-capacity ultrafine particle sorting technology;
2. Ultra high-pressure tailings separation technology without adding chemicals;
3. Effectively increasing profits for customers.

The skid mounted equipment, which is composed of high efficiency concentrated cyclone, new dewatering sieve and slag slurry pump, has the characteristics of large capacity, high dewatering efficiency, low operating cost, compact arrangement, convenient installation and small space occupation.

It can realize the dry drainage of mine tailings sorting, fine sand recovery of wastewater, sand and stone powder desliming and other working conditions.

Technology comprehensive commentary:

1,Adopts balance ellipse technology, with good separation effectiveness.

2,Adopts variable motion technology ,which can adjust the motion automatically according to feeding condition of materials.

3,Testing in advance is available for each material, and solution can be designed specially according to different material nature to enhance the comprehensive operation effectiveness.

Technical parameters of shale shaker

Technical features

1,The Tailings Dry Stacking Machine of Restar, according to user requirements for processing capacity and grading granularity matching design.

2,The equipment of small low power consumption, less wearing parts, convenient maintenance;According to the situation of the site, the combination of multiple units, to reach the processing scale.

3,According to user requirements and recommend the condition of material matching motioned elliptical trajectory solution and straight trajectory in order to solve the paste screen, the screen and the phenomenon of accumulated sand, improve equipment sieve permeability and discharging effect is good.

elliptical trajectory solution and straight trajectory

4,Adopts frequency conversion control system, to adapt to the working condition of a wide range, using vacuum auxiliary dehydration screen can achieve the result of more dry.

5,Splash proof system, electric dynamic adjustment Angle system makes the equipment operation is simple and clean.

Tailings dry-drain system

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