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Oil waste washing treatment plant

Oil waste washing treatment plant
1、Oily sludge reduction treatment, harmless pretreatment;
2、It can work under complex conditions including soft materials and hard materials, and has strong field adaptability.

RSD oil waste washing treatment technology adopts steam efficient heating separation technology, auxiliary surfactant, which has better performance in removing oil than other alkaline cleaning agents. It can surface infiltration well, enhance the ability of microbial degradation of pollutants.It features with large treatment capacity , stable treatment index, and can be designed according to user requirements.

Capacity index:

Min.unit designed:   1 ton/hour   3 ton/hour   5 ton/hour   10 ton/hour .

Above treatment units can be combined freely to achieve a large capacity treatment requirement.

Capacity index

General situation of oil sludge:


Main pollution compositions: Hydrocarbon. Salt.Various polymers. Heavy metal ion

Characteristics of oil sludge:

Complexity: containing crude oil, mud and sand, chemical agents, water, mineral salts, plastics and other substances mixed.  Solid, liquid, oil phase are concomitant.

Extreme stability: oil sludge water content can be up to 95%, presents black viscous liquid, exist stablely for a few days or months. The material does not occur obvious phase separation;

High oil content: Generally it has a high calorific value, oil accounts for more than 50% of the solid phase in some sludge;

Strong cohesiveness: oil sludge contains more colloid and asphaltene. When the water content in the sludge is reduced to 30%, the sludge has a strong cohesiveness.

Hazard of oil sludge:

Oil sludge great harm to the environment and is difficult to be treated. It has been listed in the national hazardous waste list, HW08 waste mineral oil and waste containing mineral oil.  Judicial Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Court: : Illegally transfering 3 tons waste is a major pollution accident, related personnel will be investigated for criminal punishment.

Oil sludge contains a lot of oil, so it is of great significance to recover it.

Technical features

1,Physical separation, no secondary pollution.

Adopts steam efficient heating separation technology, utilizes the ejection effect generated by high-speed steam, to carry on the total heat exchange, as well as the high-speed steam spirals up in the shell and forms the rotating water vapor,which has the function of absorbing steam and eliminating the noise.

The assistant microbial surfactants are far better than other alkaline cleaning agents in oil removal effect, can better carry out surface infiltration and enhance the ability of microorganisms degrading pollutants.

The whole process is physical separation, no harmful chemicals added, the production process is friendly to the environment.

Physical separation

2,The variety of materials processed.

Oil  waste includes following four categories:

 oil sludge from cleaning tank : high crude oil content, up to more than 10%

Ground sludge: complex materials, in addition to oil, mud and sand, there are plastic color strip cloth, woven bags, plastic bottles, cotton yarn, weeds and other soft impurities, and bricks, stones, iron, screws and other hard impurities, wood rod, asbestos plate and other unshaped impurities).

Mixed sludge: A mixture of above two sludge. Sludge thermal chemical cleaning treatment device can handle all above sludges ; Compared with other processing technology, it can handle wider range of materials.

Oil based cuttings.

Oil based cuttings

3,Large processing capacity, stable processing index

A single unit system’s Max.capacity can be up to 240T/D,  its capacity can be expanded more higher according to corresponding equipment.

After the treatment, the oil content of the solid phase can be much lower than the existing standard requirements of less than 2%.

Large processing capacity

4,The equipment is easy to be installed and stable in operation

The whole system adopts skid-mounted design and industrialized manufacturing, which can realize integration, modularization, quick and convenient installation.

With mature manufacturing technology , through optimizing standard parts, to achieve safe, stable, efficient production and operation.

easy to be installed

5,The treatment index can be adjusted according to the condition of oil sludge and the requirements of users.

client’s requirement

Technical composition and index controlled of oil sludge thermal washing treatment process:

Technical composition

Technical specification for treatment and pollution control of oil sludge in onshore oil and gas exploitation.

Technical requirements for comprehensive utilization and pollution control of oil sludge in onshore oil and gas exploitation


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