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vacuum Shale Shaker

vacuum Shale Shaker
1、The oil phase recovery increase rate is more than 15%, and the cost per well is 600,000 yuan ($100,000).
2、With vacuum generation device, double suction plate design, high recovery efficiency;
3、320 mesh screen recovery, recovered drilling fluid can be fully recycled


Vacuum suction shale shaker is a kind of shale shaker to increase the drilling fluid of screening for solid-liquid separation equipment, this equipment can produce vacuum source, thus forming a vacuum, (5) can produce negative pressure, by adjusting the solenoid valve of the inner system, achieve the funnel (3) and sieve the purpose of the negative pressure formed certain pulse, produce negative pressure when the function of adsorption  When the negative pressure disappears, the solid phase is screened out by the shale shaker.  

vacuum Shale Shaker

Technical parameter

Vacuum Shale Shaker Technical parameter

Technical advantage

1,Improved separation efficiency

Through the supporting vacuum adsorption device, solid control shale shaker can be installed with a higher mesh screen without running slurry, separation particle size will be smaller, so as to improve the separation efficiency of solid control equipment.  ,

2,Reduced water cut

With the vacuum absorber, the rig's solid control system discharges drier cuttings, reducing subsequent drilling waste transport and disposal costs.  

Reduced water cut

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