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MSS-1000(3000) Slurry Separation System

MSS-1000(3000) Slurry Separation System
1. Highly integrated, occupying 30% less space than conventional products;
2. Translation ellipse and high-efficiency cyclone separation technology, with larger processing capacity and lower operating costs;
3. Modular design, fast disassembly and assembly speed, and low labor intensity.

Technology comprehensive commentary:

Highly integrated design , small footprint , high separation accuracy, longer mud service life.

Module type and 3 steps of separation design, different modules will be selected and assembled basing on requirement of clients.

Dual motion separation technology ; no material accumulation happens at any slime layer; lower water content of solids discharged.

The key component of machine is made from high wear resistance material to achieve a longer service life.

Outline: It can be used for solid-liquid separation and mud circulation treatment in large construction process such as mud-water balance shield.  It can effectively prolong the life of circulating mud and reduce to use amount of drug  and waste mud.  For users to save a lot of mud treatment costs.  At the same time, the rapid and high-quality mud treatment capacity can effectively improve the construction speed and save a lot of time and cycle cost.So as to help the users  to bring obvious energy saving and synergistic benefits.

Technical features

1,The water content of comprehensive slag discharge is less than 30%, which    can realize dry material transportation and save transportation cost.

water content

2,The particle size of 20μm in the material can keep the circulation of mud for a long time, prolong the service life of mud, reduce the amount of waste slurry discharge, thus save the cost of drug use and waste discharge cost.

3,Advanced technology:  variable balance elliptical motion technology.

Restar's unique variable balance elliptic dual motion technology can ensure that there is no accumulate sand, no paste sieve, materials do not pile, materials easily broken through sieve and other problems on the working site.And it can also solve problem the site of different materials separated from the difficult part.

variable balance elliptical motion

4,Key parts are highly wear-resistant and equipment has  longer service life.

5,Highly integrated design , small footprint , high separation accuracy, longer mud service life.

6,Modular design, convenient disassembly, a variety of rapid installation combination, effectively reduce the cost of non-working time.

Modular design

7,Product expansion,  capacity of system with 2000 m³/h, 3000m³/h can be designed  to meet different site needs.  Product expansion


Technical parameter


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