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Vacuum Degasser Problem analysis and troubleshooting

Vacuum Degasser Problem analysis and troubleshooting
Problem Description

1、Ensure both the inlet and outlet are inserted into mud (outlet can not be inserted into mud trough)

2、Turn off the manual bell valve installed on the tank.

3、Is the float ball vacuum valve and valve seat on the correct position of degasser tank ?  

4、Fill the small tank next to the vacuum tank with water until the overflow pipe overflows. The vacuum pump is sealed by water. Open the winter drain valve of the pump to see if there is water continuously coming out

5、Whether the mud blocked the filter of suction line, it is necessary to remove the filter on the pipeline and check it。

6、Whether the motor rotation direction of the vacuum pump is the same as the direction mark on the pump head( You can also try to reverse the motor)

7、Vacuum pump failure. You can open the suction port of the vacuum pump, plug the palm, and run the motor to feel whether there is suction. Remove the shield of the vacuum pump impeller, check whether the impeller is connected with the motor, and the distance between the impeller and the sealing surface.

According to the previous experience, the liquid outlet pipe is not inserted below the mud level, which leads to the most cases of no pressure, followed by the wrong rotation direction of the motor, and the insufficient water level in the small tank. The starting sequence of the motor is to start the vacuum pump first, and the main motor will start automatically after a while.


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