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Circulating tank spare parts send to Restar Sotek Russia

Circulating tank spare parts send to Restar Sotek Russia

Abstract: As the circular tank project customized by Restar Sotek Russia company is gradually advancing, the accessories needed for this project were sent to Ru...

As the circular tank project customized by Restar Sotek Russia company is gradually advancing, the accessories needed for this project were sent to Russia from Puyang Zhongyuan Restar petroleum equipment Co., Ltd yesterday, mainly including shale shaker, mud cleaner, degasser, submarine valve, centrifuge, jet hopper and other solid control system spare parts.
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RSD/518HV high speed centrifuge

RSD/518HV horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is widely used in the solid control system of drilling fluid in the petroleum industry to separate the solid and liquid of drilling fluid, remove the harmful fine solid particles such as cuttings in the mud, or recover barite and other valuable weighting materials, saving the cost of mud.


RSD variable motion shale shaker

Restar variable motion shale shaker can realize two kinds of motion by changing the current, so as to meet the working requirements of complex drilling conditions. It is the necessary equipment for ultra-deep Wells, horizontal Wells and complex Wells.At the same time, the product of whole shaker box has anti-mud splash and other patented technology and it is more labor-saving fast.


RSD/YBS204A1 series drilling fluid mud cleaner

Mud cleaner is on or through the mud drilling fluid solids control separation equipment, mainly used for removal of drilling fluid in the 20 to 150 μm of solid phased particles, saving circulating mud for the centrifuge further provide good conditions for the harmful solid phase separation of drilling fluid.It can be effectively control the mud solid content to improve the drilling speed or through.The effect of mud removal and sand removal has been significantly improved.


RSD/SB series horizontal sand pump

Centrifugal pump is an important equipment in drilling fluid circulation system.RSD/SB series adopt double stage seal combined with mechanical seal and coil seal;Pump impeller for open structure is more suitable for conveying mud this kind of high density, high viscosity fluid medium.The key parts are made of wear-resistant materials which can prolong the service life.Restar pump shell and impeller models are complete to meet the needs of users for different types of centrifugal pumps.


RSD/SHQ-200 mud hopper

The jet mixing hopper is an important part of solid control system of drilling fluid.It is the most commonly used liquid distribution device.In the event of a blowout emergency is that a fluid jet mixing hopper can be used to evenly mix a large amount of weighted material in the shortest time.


Restar group contains Henan Restar separation equipment technology co., LTD, Puyang zhongyuan Restar petroleum equipment co., LTD., and Restar Sotek Russian companies ,Restar established in henan puyang solids control technology research and development center at the provincial level and environmental waste disposal of zhengzhou r&d center, with material separation, more than 80 automation system of patents;Restar has obtained ISO quality system, HSE, API Q1 and other certificates, and the operation system is complete.Equipped with physical and chemical laboratory and various testing equipment and instruments, strict quality control for customers.

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